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Sales Marketing and Revenue Management

The art of perception, exposure, relationships and pure business orchestrated to maximize market share and profitability of each asset of each property

Mode Hospitality Management recognizes that a sales strategy is the core of a successful hotel. A concise Sales and Marketing Plan will be developed by both Mode Hospitality Management and the on-site sales and revenue team, creating achievable goals with mind towards short term and long term profit.
  • Enhancement of global distribution system's property description and placement.
  • Participation in business travel associations and trade shows
  • Familiarization trips for meeting professionals and corporate business travelers
  • Creation of individual hotel webpage with online booking features
  • Travel Agency solicitation and marketing through tradeshows, visits, and email blasts
  • Proper consortia placement and advertising to reach national and international travel agents
  • Working with area attractions and involvement in the Convention Bureau/Chamber of Commerce/Rotary organizations

The Sales team will consist of professionals who divide their time on property and off, soliciting local companies as well as national and international firms. Mode Hospitality Management is active and well respected in the business travel spectrum, and will assist in contracting corporate business. Corporate accounts will be actively pursued by the sales team including:
  • Membership with the National Business Travel Association, New Jersey Business Travel Association, and New York City Business Travel Association
  • Chamber of Commerce and Rotary membership and networking
  • Responding and Participating with national contracts through selected Brand

Group and meeting business is a particular field of expertise for Mode Hospitality Management. Alliances and strategies will include:
  • Forging relationships with Meeting Professionals International and corporate meeting planners
  • Responding to selected Brands lead generator
  • Local social organizations
  • Wedding planners, churches and vendors

Revenue Management is the core of a sales strategy's success. Mode Hospitality Management's Revenue Management team will be responsible for adjusting strategy based on the volatile demand in the Metro NYC area. Year round consistency is important to Mode Hospitality Management, both in occupancy and rate, and they believe in a strategic rate that the guest feels value for dollar spent.
  • Signature training for on-site reservation staff
  • Strategic pricing based on occupancy levels and demand
  • Packages for marketing and weekend business
  • On-site reservationists to manage group room blocks
  • Central Revenue Manager for inventory controls
MODE Hospitality Management, MGMT. is a partner with SMALL LUXURY HOTELS OF THE WORLD - the global award winning brand for independent luxury hotels with over 530 hotels and resorts in 70 countries and LUXURY HOTEL PARTNERS, LTD - a specialist hotelier operating 30 of these hotels in 14 countries throughout the world.

MODE Hospitality Management, MGMT

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