Mode Hospitality Management

Full Pre-Opening Consulting

Strategic implementation of elements for total design and development - from schematic planning to opening day

Mode Hospitality Management prepares pre-opening budgets that sets forth the estimated cost of opening activities, including:
  • Marketing, sales, advertising and public relations planning and activities designed to attract guests to the hotel on and after opening day
  • Arranging for services required in the ordinary course of operating the hotel including without limitation: electric, gas, water, sewer, telecommunications, equipment maintenance, building and grounds maintenance
  • Assist architect, interior designers and/or other professionals with the overall design, functionality and cost efficiencies
  • Budgeting and purchasing of all inventories and operating supplies
  • Recruitment, hiring, orientation and training of all management and personnel customized for each individual asset property
  • Preparation of the pre-opening budget
  • Pre-opening profit and loss reports
MODE Hospitality Management, MGMT. is a partner with SMALL LUXURY HOTELS OF THE WORLD - the global award winning brand for independent luxury hotels with over 530 hotels and resorts in 70 countries and LUXURY HOTEL PARTNERS, LTD - a specialist hotelier operating 30 of these hotels in 14 countries throughout the world.

MODE Hospitality Management, MGMT

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