Mode Hospitality Management

Full Hotel and Restaurant Management

Delivering the tools and operational systems for the maximization of people and asset resources to capitalize on operational efficiencies and investment rewards

Mode Hospitality Management provides comprehensive property asset review and analysis for proposed hotel projects and existing properties. Our reports and feasibility studies include an array of progressively related steps evaluating historic trends and projecting future supply of and demand competition for lodging accommodations in the market.

The scope of the work includes:
  • An evaluation of the return of investment potential for any asset property relying on a complete analysis of capital, financing and market determinants
  • Compilation of pertinent market data and review of all relevant information relating to the project
  • Review of the property's amenities and features - existing and proposed
  • Full inspection of the property and surrounding area to determine feasibility for the project taking into account contextual factors such as accessibility, visibility and supporting commerce
  • Comment on the proposed facilities in terms of number, mix and type of guest rooms and recreational amenities
  • Comment on the proposed facilities in terms of design, style, services and size
  • Financial estimation of income based on product, market conditions and forecasts
  • An analysis of market demand based on local and regional industry reports tracking production generated from corporate, leisure and group meetings and conventions
  • Financial estimation of expenses based on project size, daily operating costs and management/franchise fees
  • A projection of growth rates for the various market segments based on factors that may impact the future demand for hotel rooms
  • An evaluation of projected hotel supply and demand relationships in the market area to reach conclusions regarding market support for the proposed hotel
  • Projections of occupancy and room rate ranges for the proposed hotel, including projected market mix of guests.
  • Full report detailing the findings

Mode Hospitality Management will create, implement and operate the hotel in accordance with guidelines and standards established by Mode Hospitality Management or operate the hotel and all of its facilities and activities in accordance with the standards established by the franchisors of the hotel.

The Mode Hospitality Management Team will create and implement all department Standard Operating Procedures and all daily checklists and forms. The following procedures are the primary focus for each departments listed.

  • Job Descriptions
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Check In and Check Out Procedures
  • Credit check and daily credit reports
  • Obtaining proper method of payments
  • Approvals on method of payments
  • Night audit closing procedures
  • Professional appearance and grooming
  • Reading guest types
  • Service recovery procedures
  • Telephone greeting
  • Professional responses

  • Job Descriptions
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Understanding individual assignments
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Chemical usage
  • Inspecting a guest room
  • General cleaning program
  • Monthly inventory procedures
  • DND procedures

  • Job Descriptions
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Preventative Maintenance programs
  • Scheduled Maintenance programs
  • Responding and completing guest calls
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MODE Hospitality Management, MGMT

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