Mode Hospitality Management

Full Financial Analysis and Accounting Systems

Cutting-edge accounting systems, recurring internal audits, mastery of purchasing controls and custom-tailored reporting to protect assets and measure profitability

Mode Hospitality Management believes a detailed check and balance system is vital to achieving maximum profitability. We pride ourselves on our strength in developing and administering strong financial controls. Some of the key features of our approach are:
  • Due Diligence Services - We are interested in building a relationship and successful partnership that will last far beyond the immediate due diligence report. That is why we approach each potential project with our reputation and your fiscal returns in mind. Our due diligence services will go beyond a cursory review of the competition and location including: Full competitive analysis; 2-year estimated budgets and P&L reports; renovation or new build cost estimates; and, return of investment timeline and feasibility
  • Cutting-Edge Accounting Systems - Complete accountability including full reporting to managers and owners is the backbone of our belief that financial management is essential to building and growing a healthy hotel
  • Mastering Purchasing Controls - Negotiation with local, national and international suppliers, alliances with vendors and service providers. A competitive analysis will be performed for all items being purchased by each department. With our knowledge of pricing for supplies, we can determine which vendors will be suitable for the hotel.
  • Internal Audit - Performed on a routine basis to ensure compliance with all accounting and operational procedures with controls to protect your asset.
  • Customized Owner Reporting - In addition to a standard monthly financial package, cash flow analysis, annual budget and monthly forecasts, we will customize any additional reports based on the needs of ownership.
MODE Hospitality Management, MGMT. is a partner with SMALL LUXURY HOTELS OF THE WORLD - the global award winning brand for independent luxury hotels with over 530 hotels and resorts in 70 countries and LUXURY HOTEL PARTNERS, LTD - a specialist hotelier operating 30 of these hotels in 14 countries throughout the world.

MODE Hospitality Management, MGMT

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